Q: Do we buy books?

A: For most books it depends on our current needs (we generally have about 10 people a day offer us books to purchase). Feel free to call or stop by, usually we can let you know pretty quickly if we're interested or not. We can make house calls for large collections.


Q: Do we offer Store Credit or Trade?

A: Store Credit is our preferred way of acquiring books. Our store credit is good for 1 year and is usable throughout the store except on consignment items.


Q: Do we offer appraisal work?

A: Yes, we can offer appraisals. There are two types of appraisals offered, one with paperwork needed for insurance or tax purposes and the other without.


Q: Do we host book signings or other events?

A: Yes, we host a range of events. Over the years we've hosted book signings, home schooling events, a marriage reception, book club meetings and a variety other things. Feel free to ask!